Can certain foods power your brain and body?

Episode #3 – Nutrition

In Series One we worked out that although ‘bad’ foods can make you feel good at the time, healthier food is better for you in the long run. Armed with this knowledge, I wanted to test out certain foods (and the power they claim to have) to see if I can notice a difference in my wellbeing.

So what do I mean by this? Well, I’ve been lacking a lot of concentration and energy lately so I’ve researched what foods are good for this… Avocado, chia seeds, eggs, and green tea. YUM!

In this video, check out how I went with adding these delish items to my diet and find out whether I saw any changes in my wellbeing because of it. 

If you want to make the Breakfast Cups, click here for the recipe. 
If you’d prefer the Chia Seed Puddings, click here for the recipe. 


Download The GMHX Weekly Food Planner here. Right click and ‘save image as’… 

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